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Welcome to Mind, Body, Feel!

Psychology, Yoga and Mindfulness
for Children, Adolescents and Adults

Our lives - with all their ups and downs and all the challenges they might bring about for each and everyone of us - be it chronic or mental illness, pain, "stress", relationship trouble, transitions like becoming a parent or anything else that might come up along the way - provide us with an endless stream of opportunities to learn and grow. We don't know what life has in store for us next. 'Control' might just be an illusion.

We all have vast inner resources of wisdom to help us cope with whatever life throws our way. Sometimes we get lost, we struggle, we feel hopeless, helpless, stuck, desperate and overwhelmed - disconnected from our own inner 'compass', not knowing in which direction to move, how to reach out and (re)connect to those around us as well as to ourselves or which choices to make.

Gentle MindBodyFeel guidance will get you back in touch with your own intuition. It will help you reconnect with yourself, guiding you right back on the path towards confidence, serenity and ease, bringing about a feeling of inner peace and genuine happiness. You have all it takes! It's right within you just waiting to be uncovered! Let's explore, discover and re-connect!