Inga joined our team of Wellness Coaches here at the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation in October of 2015. With her expertise in the area of Mindfulness/Meditation/Yoga, and her experience working with Cancer survivors, we asked her to create and then deliver a workshop for our clients to help them manage their stress. That is a very common need amongst cancer survivors and their families. Her 5 week MindBodyFeel program helped our clients explore a unique blend of breathing exercises, mindfulness meditation, gentle yoga moves, visualization, relaxation techniques and gratitude practice/ journaling. Our clients really connected with Inga, and always asked for more time with her to practice the techniques that worked for them. As well as her knowledge, her gentle and understanding nature was appreciated by everyone.
Stephanie Woodard, Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation

Inga Bohnekamp is an absolutely amazing woman. The care, support, and encouragement she provided during my difficult postpartum period was nothing short of a miracle in my life. Her open heart and incredible intuition, combined with her vast knowledge, allows her to tap into the needs of her clients with unparalleled awareness. She positively radiates love, and you cannot help but bask in her glow and be buoyed by it. I feel incredibly grateful and fortunate to have had her as a coach, guide, and friend.
Margo Neely, New mom, Chief Creative Officer, Neely Ink

Thank you so much for the gentle guidance to our intuition. Your sunny radiance is truly missed around here, especially by me.
A. V. , (Teacher, Western Quebec School Board)

Thank you, Inga, for gently guiding us right back to our intuition.
Heather P.

Ich habe Inga Bohnekamp auf der Kinder Yoga Konferenz in Heidelberg 2015 kennen gelernt. Sie leitete einen Workshop mit dem Thema „Yoga für Kinder mit chronischen Erkrankungen“. Da ich in Österreich selbst seit 2 Jahren mit Kindern mit speziellen Bedürfnissen Yoga praktiziere, hat mich dieser Workshop besonders interessiert. Frau Bohnekamp hat mich mit ihrer einfühlsamen und authentischen Art sofort begeistert. Sie hat auf besonders natürliche Art und Weise über die Arbeit mit den Kindern bezüglich der ambulanten Betreuung in der Klinik in den Kanada gesprochen und konnte wirklich transportieren, wie wunderbar diese Arbeit geschieht. Sie hat mir wertvolle Tipps gegeben, um meine Arbeit weiter zu führen. Sie gab mir den Mut am Ball zu bleiben und Yoga auch in Österreich weiter in das Gesundheitssystem einzubinden. Für mich war der Workshop von Frau Bohnekamp eine Inspiration in Bezug auf die spielerischen Methoden über die sie berichtete. Ich wünsche Inga Bohnekamp alles erdenklich Gute und viel Erfolg für ihren weiteren Yoga-Weg.
Marion Heilinger, Yoga Teacher for Adults and Children with Special Needs, Member of Intl. Yoga Teachers Assoc.

Thank you, Inga, for gently guiding us right back to our intuition.
Heather P.

Inga is a passionate and dedicated yoga teacher who brings personality and fun to her classes. Her background in (child) psychology and mindfulness means she connects with her students in a meaningful way and is able to engage children and add value to their practice. The girls at ivivva loved Inga and we can't wait to have her back!
ivivva-Team, Bayshore

Working with Inga has helped me transform into a much happier, more confident, more intuitive version of myself. Thank you so much.
Anne W. (High School Student)

Feedback from Participants
of the Maple Minds Program

(MAPLE MINDS) is a really great group and Inga develops an excellent rapport with the kids!!!

Inga really connected to my child!!! We liked it that she incorporates art therapy as well.

I liked that it opened my son up to trying other experiences, and gave him other techniques for dealing with his issues. He seemed to enjoy the sessions in general and would discuss them enthusiastically!

The Body Scan helped me bring peace to myself when I was stressed.

I love this program and I am definitely coming back!

When I couldn‘t fall asleep I used the technique where we focused on our breathing.

Having another support effort in teaching and guiding my son with regards to alternative (...) therapies was most helpful. For example, when I would discuss mindfulness practices with him (before), he would disregard it as just another thing mom wants me to try. But at MAPLE MINDS, he was willing to try it out and understand its benefits, and he would then discuss it with me after the sessions.

My kids like the open and relaxed atmosphere created by Inga. All the kids have the opportunity to express how they are feeling and to share what makes them happy. This positive approach helps them feel welcome and part of the group.

Inga was simply amazing!

Ca va aider tous les enfants au monde entier!

This already helps them tremendously when they are getting their needles.

Inga was very approachable and informative - Thank you!

Thank you very much, Inga. We are fortunate to have this program available to us.

(For myself, I liked) Techniques of deep breathing, relaxation and visualisation of special place. A. (liked most) seeing Inga each week!

My children benefited from ALL (!) of it.

I would like to thank Inga for offering the sessions. She takes the time with each child and lets each one develop at their own pace; there are no wrong ways of doing it. This takes away any anxieties kids may feel in doing the activites.